What is safety certification?










SAFE Work Manitoba is establishing a standard for occupational safety and health in the province called SAFE Work Certified. The goal for SAFE Work Certified is to set a standard for safety and health certification programs offered by industry-based safety programs and associations (IBSPs) to Manitoba employers that will help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and promote a culture of safety in Manitoba. The Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba is the industry-based safety program, and Certifying Partner, for the province’s automotive industry.

The SAFE Work Certified standards for safety and health certification programs are now in place as of January 2017. SAFE Work has accomplished this by:

  • establishing safety criteria and measures for well-functioning workplace safety and health systems (Safety Essentials and Measures), and
  • providing an avenue through which workplaces can demonstrate they have met these safety requirements (Certification Process).

SAFE Work Certified is delivered through a network of industry-based safety associations designated as Certifying Partners. The Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba (MVSAM) is the Certifying Partner for employers that are classified under the Workers Compensation Board rate codes as follows:

  • 60-402 Auto Sales and Repair
  • 60-404 Auto Body Shops
  • 60-503 Heavy Industrial Equipment Sales and Service

MVSAM maintains a high quality and ethics to ensure that the SWC standard is upheld. When an employer elects to become certified their safety management system will be audited by an experienced Safety Advisor and upon passing the audit will be recommended to SAFE Work Manitoba for certification.

How can my company achieve SAFE Work Certification

MVSAM, as the Certifying Partner of the automotive industries, is tasked with providing the direct support and resources needed for Manitoba workplaces to obtain safety and health certification. Employers interested in obtaining safety and health certification should contact the MVSAM office for more information.

What is the certification process

The process to certification involves the progression of activities involved in achieving and maintaining certification. It will vary for every employer depending on the company size, administrative complexity and current safety management system status of development and implementation. Partnership and collaboration between the employer, company workers and MVSAM will determine the required steps unique to the company.

In most cases the process involves one or more of the following:

  • Activating membership by registering with The Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba (free for employers in rate codes 60402, 60404 and 60503)
  • Initial consultation with MVSAM Safety Advisor to determine current safety management system
  • Request and schedule a Gap Analysis, which is essentially a mini high-level audit to compare safety management system documentation to SAFE Work Certified Standard requirements
  • Attend safety training provided by MVSAM
  • Develop and implement policies, safety programs, procedures and guidelines
  • Complete a safety management system audit through MVSAM
  • Continually improve the safety management system as required
  • Commit to and conduct annual assessments of the safety management system

Essential elements and measures of the safety management system.

The SAFE Work Certified program requires every workplace, regardless of size, to demonstrate the implementation of a comprehensive and effective safety and health program based on three safety essentials and their correlating measures.

The safety essentials required to become SAFE Work Certified are:

  • Leadership commitment
  • Hazard identification and risk control
  • Worker participation

The measures are the elements upon which each safety essential will be assessed or audited.

Can certification be revoked or removed?

Certification can be immediately suspended due to:

  • Failure to submit a maintenance audit
  • Bribing an auditor
  •  Action that in the opinion of SAFE Work Manitoba are considered unethical practices
  • Being convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada for a matter that in the opinion of MVSAM and/or SAFE Work Manitoba is related to workplace safety and health
  • Fraud, illegal or dishonest practices or activity.

In any of these cases SAFE Work will determine the duration of the suspension in these instances in consultation with MVSAM.

Audit Process

An audit by an independent auditor assigned by MVSAM will include:

  • interviews with workers, joint committee members, supervisors and managers
  • observations of work practices, processes, equipment, and the environment discussions with workers at their jobs
  • document reviews of manuals, records and safe work procedures.

Safe Work Manitoba’s Role In Safety Certification

SAFE Work Manitoba is responsible for setting the standard for safety and health certification programs offered by Certifying Partners. As well, once a Certifying Partner determines that an employer has met the requirements for safety and health certification, SAFE Work Manitoba will review the employer’s application to ensure all criteria has been met.